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Nursing Services & Personal Care

Nursing Wellness Checks

Nursing weekly visits to check in on a loved one.

Sometimes we or our family members are not quite ready for homecare but, the family wants a close, professional eye on the people they love.

Weekly visits check:

  • Nursing assessment and consultation
  • Vital signs
  • Lung sounds, fluid retention
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Personal hygiene
  • House and environment safety
  • Medication, questions, and prefills
  • On call for questions
  • Physician and family communication

Individualized Care

All care plans are designed and implemented by nursing only.

All care plans are based on the disease process, medications, and needs of the client first and foremost. Nursing designs necessary care plans with patient, physician, and family input. Sometimes the loved ones are not available due to obligations, employment, children, and distance.

We understand the importance of caregiver continuity for relationship building, trust, and communication. We have RN oversight at all times and can involve families as needed with any problem or clinical discovery in the home.

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