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Transitional Care Services

Hospital to Home Program

Leaving a hospital or rehab can be scary and make you anxious. Let our nurses and care team ease the transition home.

Our program, run only by nursing, meets the client at the hospital or rehab to gather all clinical information necessary to ease the transition home. Meeting all the nurses, therapists, and case managers provides the best information regarding the patient as an overall individual. We gather information related to meds taken, infections, limited mobility, tests run, and documentation supporting their stay in the facility.

A separate assessment is done the same day as discharge and a caregiver can be provided at this time. Meds can be picked up, pre-filled and the home checked for all necessary equipment to provide the safest recovery. This supports our overall Nursing Model of care and eases the worry of both family and patient.

Post Surgical Care

Recuperation in the comfort of your own home with your own caregivers is essential to your recovery.

In many cases, it is critical that post-operative care is received following any surgical procedure. It may be only be needed for a short time or up to 24 hours a day.

The first few days after surgery are always challenging and unknown. Pain, impact from medications, mobility changes, and a need for more support are important to remember.

Compassionate and professional CNAs and HHAs are necessary to support recovery at home. Safety, clinical care, prescription pick up, meal planning, prep and med reminders are key elements we support.

Post Partum Care

A new baby in the house comes with its own challenges and many do not have family around. We can provide the care in place of your family.

A new baby? How amazing is that! How can we help you? We know you are fatigued, sleepy and recovering. Never mind if their are other children too take of. Let TLC ease the transition home for as long as you need the help. New babies are wonderful but, Mom is also recovering and may not have family and friends around to help. C-Section is also very hard to recover from. Post surgical and a brand new baby. Recovery is necessary to care for children in the long run. You need to keep the surgical incision clean at all times, check for redness, swelling and mom's well being. Asking us to help is easy and care can be started quickly.

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